Does it take time for your NetID/Password to start working after being enrolled?

<p>I just called the Admissions today and they said that my enrollment agreement, along with the deposit has been processed - I am officially enrolled. I called the tech services to get my NetID and Password information as I am unable to check the regular US mail this summer. They did give me my ID and told me how the initial password is set (GU + plus 6 digits of our GU number) but could not find me in the directory where you can locate all staff/students. I also tried my ID and password on the employment site and it did not work. Can this be because the Enrollment was processed just today/yesterday?</p>

<p>I'm guessing it might take a bit for the information to go into the system. I sent in my deposit on Friday so I'm waiting before I call to confirm but I know for Vanderbilt when I sent in my deposit, it took a little while before I could access the e-mail system.</p>

<p>I am also curious on the Netid. Would they be mailed all at once or after they receive your deposit? Also for accepted transfer students, have you received anything after the acceptance letter? I sent in my deposit and haven't gotten anything since. :/</p>