Does IU have a strong alumni body?

<p>just curious. thanks</p>

<p>From the IUAA website, "According to the 2006 Council of Alumni Association Executives, IU ranks third among U.S. colleges and universities in the total number of living graduates, and its alumni association is the eighth largest with more than 78,000 members."</p>

<p>Chapters of the IUAA are located throughout the states and in other parts of the world.</p>

<p>So, are the odds of helping you to getting jobs post college are fairly high?</p>

<p>Multitasker, I don't really know. When I finished at IU I was a teacher in another state so the chances of a school administrator in another state being an IU grad were smaller. (administrators often have graduated from a school within the state.) </p>

<p>I do know on the IUAA website there is an alumni directory for members of IUAA and some other career related stuff. I would say it can't hurt.</p>

<p>Thank you so much for your input.
When I look at schools I always wonder how alumni would help upon graduation, to get the first important step, but I will look into it. I really looking seriously into IU, I only hear graduates raving about it, and I would love to attend a college like that.
At this point is between IU and Binghamton.
I need just a few more days to decide, the cost is the same basically.
Any thoughts?
thanks again.</p>