Does IWU meet full need for international students?

Hi guys,
Is anyone here from Illinois Wesleyan University? My friend (international student) got accepted with an alumni scholarship but she still requires more aid. She applied for need based aid and they said they’ll contact her in a few weeks about the aid. Is there a chance of the university meeting her full demonstrated need?

Last year, only ~53% of freshmen had their need fully met, and on average, the school met ~89% of need. There is a chance she could receive the aid she requires, but she shouldn’t bank on it.

How much was her Alumni Scholarship? Their website says that values typically range from $10,000 to $23,000. If it’s a high amount, that might indicate that the school really wants her, so her odds would be better than if she received a lower scholarship amount.

She received an Alumni Scholarship of $14000. Thanks for the info! Let’s hope for the best!

where is she from? What are her stats? And how much aid has she requested?

She’s from Bangladesh. 3.2 GPA and 1250 SAT. Not sure about how much aid she requested in total, but I know the university did not meet her full demonstrated need- met about half of her total costs.

I am also facing similar situation. From Nepal. I have appealed to provide at least full tuition scholarship