Does John Hopkins accept old SAT?

<p>Hi guys, I am a junior now (class of 2006), who has a very decent old SAT score. I don't want to take the new SAT. Does Johns Hopkins accept old SAT from class of 2006? Does it required any SAT II's? If so, what subjects should I take?</p>

<p>Hmm...thats a good question. The best thing to do is ask an adcom. <a href=""></a>. I think SAT IIs will be required again (Wrting and two other tests).</p>

<p>To my knowledge, JHU does accept the old SAT.</p>

<p>yeah, except that's for 2006 ppl. Seniors like me can submit their ACT in place of their SATI and II's :-D Right now I have two options: only submit ACT or submit SATI with 3 SATIIs (not sure if one must be writing).</p>

<p>i think starting for the class of 2006, even if you have a good old SAT score and can probably submit it, you still have to take and submit the score from the new one to colleges. you should check with your high school to see what they say.</p>

<p>you can only submit your old SAT score. you will not have to take the new one for the colleges that accept old SAT's. however, SAT II Writing may be required.</p>