Does johns hopkins have a debate team????

<p>I am interested in several things:</p>

<h1>1 Debate</h1>

<h1>2 Orchestra</h1>

<h1>3 how is the men's swim team and do they allow walk ons?</h1>

<p>Will someone elaborate on ALL please ????</p>

<p>Check out the following:</p>

<li>Woodrow</a> Wilson Debate Council and the Policy</a> Debate Team</li>
<li>Hopkins</a> Symphony Orchestra and the Peabody</a> Institute were you can take lessons and audition for their orchestra.</li>

<p>Thanks tanman!!!!</p>

<p>Men's swimming is VERY good, they do allow walk-on's but you have to be very good. It functions like a D-I team.</p>

<p>Thanks WealthOfInformation!</p>

<p>In case it's of interest, JHU also has a mock trial team. My friend's daughter is on it as a freshman and thoroughly enjoys it, plus the travel allows her to visit other campuses.</p>

<p>How hard is it to get on the debate team/mock trial team?</p>

<p>I would prefer to do debate. Thanks!</p>

<p>Johns Hopkins University Debate Council: Debate</a> | JHU</p>