Does joining class on the first day work?

<p>There's a few classes I really need to be in, but they're full. To my understanding, you can email first, and then just show up for class on the first day and ask to be added. Does this generally work? I have about three classes I need to do this for, but is this too much of a risk?</p>

<p>It totally just depends on the professor - some professors don't mind it at all but some are weird about it. I would hope that at least one of the classes works out for you, but three might be a lot. Try emailing first to get a feel for how the profs might be...</p>

<p>I would recommend that if you do decide to show up the first day...PARTICIPATE. My son had one professor tell him last semester that she was going to ask him to withdraw (he was actually registered in the class) to make room for some upperclassmen that needed the class, but she really enjoyed his participation and input into the class, and decided to let him stay.</p>

<p>My schedule is a mess right now because so many classes are full, or the system won't let me register for them. I have e-mailed 4/5 professors and only one replied. What should I do about the rest? Should I take the risk or have a horrible schedule?</p>

<p>^ excuse me, only 1/3 have replied so that leave 2 classes completely unknown.</p>

<p>I think it's rare to end up with a perfect schedule (or all the classes you want) first semester freshman year... I would give the other profs more time to reply, and then you can try going on the first day of classes and see what the deal is. It is really frustrating though!</p>

<p>Just remember that if you do this, the teacher (usually a harassed graduate student) is doing you a pretty big favour. You don't have the right to get added, and if you go in over the official limit you're giving the grad student more work for no more money. Remember that and grovel, and you will have more success.</p>