Does Joining Harvard's Global Advisory Council Mean The Same As Being Harvard's Faculty Member?

I guess every parent here in this community would love to see his/her kids going to top universities like Harvard and Princeton etc. But under current circumstances where the admission rate for Harvard drops to as low as 3-4% across the board and no more than 5% for Princeton, how can us parents do to substantially increase such chance for our kids? Of course students athletes and donors’ children enjoy much higher admission rates like 80-90%, but that’s beyond our topic here.

I heard Harvard’s Global Advisory Council when I read the news that Chairman Wang Jianlin of Wanda Group and the Director of Chow Tai Foo in China joined Harvard’s Global Advisory Council. Since I also own a large influential corporation in China, there is a chance for me to join the Council in future as well, as long as someone in charge nominates me. I am wondering, does joining the Council mean the same as being a faculty member at Harvard? If so I would like to see that happen because children of Harvard’s own faculty members enjoy much higher admission rates (40-50% from what I heard).

Maybe Princeton/Yale/Stanford/MIT has similar institutions within each university? Feel free to share your idea if you know the answer. Thank you!

100% no for Harvard (we have experience in this)- sorry! Idk about the others, but I would be surprised if it did.

Can you tell more about your experience in this please?

So you want to join this council because believe it will give your child a great chance of being accepted to Harvard?

This is a first on the forum, I believe.

You could maybe save yourself some trouble and just donate several million dollars. That’s allegedly a successful way of getting a child into HYP.


And it’s legal, too! No pesky public trial and prison term (albeit a brief one), as long as you bribe the correct entity, meaning an enormous bribe paid to the college directly.

If this person has the cash, they can literally just make a huge donation. nothing illegal there. :laughing:

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