Does Midterm report mean current grade or an actual report on my midterm?

I am currently taking 4 classes right now. Technically I only had midterm for my English class. My math class doesn’t even have a midterm or final, instead we have 5 or 6 chapter tests in total. Both of my CS class are taught by the same professor. He didn’t give me a mid term yet for both classes. He told us the original plan was to do a programming project and a question set first before we start our midterm week. This happened last year too. In addition we are currently dealing with the corona-virus break. My school doesn’t have the same resource like other schools, so we extended our spring break by two weeks. Only my math class got converted online, the rest of the classes are still on standby. I have no idea when I can take my midterm. The deadline for these supplemental application are coming up. I want to get these out of the way so I can concentrate on my school work. My current grade in these classes are all As. My current GPA is a 3.93, but I am going to be honest with you guys I am a horrible test taker, and my CS professor is really hard. 80 questions, 2 mini essays and a hour long live coding challenge spread over two classes. I am not confident that I can survive this time. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying I don’t want to get challenged or I am not qualify to apply to these great CS schools. I am just really bad at taking tests. I got a B+ from this professor failing both my midterms and finals. I think they are worth 20% of my grade? I basically got up and left because how fast my heart was beating. For his other project based class not only I got an A, but he also let me skip the prerequisite class to jump directly into the advanced class. I highly doubt that these school I am applying to will look at these failing scores in detail, but I am prepared to bomb his midterm again. This is why I want to get clarification on what a midterm report really means? According to UPenn it feels like I can just submit my current grades for now. See below.

“To complete this report, ask each professor what your current grade in the class would be if you were to be given a grade now.”

They did imply that I can submit my grade now, so I created a e-sign form for all my professors. I just saw the notification that my CS professor viewed the document, but unfortunately he did not sign it. I also send an extra email explaining to him my fear of his midterms and linked the UPenn instructions, but he haven’t got back to me yet. I also emailed/called Upenn for them to clarify this further, but I haven’t got a reply back yet.

Overall, I am very stressed right now over school shutting down, midterms and the deadline coming up for these supplementary documentations. If any fellow transfer students can tell me your experience submitting these required midterm reports that would great.