Does MIT consider your math grade more than the other classes?

<p>If I'm trying to major in engineering of some sort. I'm a sophomore and I had an A- in ap calc ab first semester. If I had an A- again in second semester, will MIT look down upon not getting an A in the class?</p>

<p>I think they will be more impressed by the fact that you took AP calc as a sophmore.</p>

<p>That is actually fairly common.</p>

<p>No it isnt......</p>

<p>Calc AB or BC.
BC is not THAT common but AB to a certain extent.</p>

<p>Well the man said he took calc ab, although at our high school, it's common to have kids take Calc AB as freshmen, but rare to see anyone take Calc BC perioid... Must be because of the hard ass perquisites.</p>

<p>that doesn't answer my question haha</p>

<p>Obviously, it's always better to get an A than an A- in a class. An A- is still great though, ESPECIALLY since you were taking a class that is usually reserved for high school seniors. I completely agree with soze. It will most likely matter more to them that you were taking such an advanced class...Don't get so stuck on A's/A-'s. You're doing fine. Relax :)</p>