Does MIT require all the AP test scores reported?

I am wondering about submitting 4’s in AP test in the science subject if student’s intended major is science. I heard this could be a reason they can reject you. Does MIT require all the AP score and one can not pick and choose?


Depends. I wouldn’t submit a 4 in Physics C; I might submit a 4 in Physics 1.

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Would you submit the rest(six 5’s) or none at all? Would they think the student got bad (worse than 4) scores if only selected ones are submitted?

I would submit the 5’s.

I think it really depends on how many 4’s are being omitted and in which subjects. I really doubt they will give a second thought to one score being omitted; there are many reasons why one would do so, including many valid reasons for not taking the exam at all.

But, if you’re omitting several scores in subjects like Calc BC or Physics C, I’m not sure it matters whether (or if) they think you got a 4 or a 1; they may correctly assume that you didn’t get a 5.

I would submit them all. They aren’t going to conclude “She sent us some 5’s and didn’t send us the others - they must be 5’s too!” A 4 at least shows it wasn’t below a 4, and that you’re willing to own it.


Spend your time building a list of colleges which would love to have you, and don’t waste time worrying about what you can’t control. I promise you that if you don’t get in to MIT it won’t be because of a 4 on an AP exam!


I missed this. This year, we updated the application to clearly (well, we thought it was clear, though maybe we need to make it even clearer somehow) instruct applicants to submit all scores for any AP/IB/etc tests they took. The application read:

“For students in Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate programs, you should list any exams you have taken or plan to take in the table below. If you have taken other standardized exams, you may list them in the following question.”

cc @skieurope so you’re up to date on latest practices. We also say on the application to tell us whether or not you took the test next to any AP class on the self-reported coursework. But yes, if you took an AP test, you should send us the score. We do include a section where you can explain any extenuating circumstances relative to your AP exam score being lower than you might have liked.

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Thanks for the update

I’ll be emailing you in August to get all the updates I’ll need for C’28 admissions. :smiley: