Does my essay answer the prompt?

Hello! One of the essay prompts for the University of Washington is :

Tell us a story from your life, describing an experience that either demonstrates your character or helped to shape it.

I chose to write an essay on the two fictional characters/imaginary friends that my parents made up for me when I was younger, and how they helped shape my character (for example, one of the characters taught me the value of determination and willpower). Does this count as an “experience”? While reading sample essays, I found that most students focused on one particular event, however my essay seems to focus more on a broad series of events.

Thank you in advance!

I personally think it’s better to write about something that’s more recent. So unless you write about that experience as a lead-in to explaining the ways in which you exemplify those traits, I would pick something else.

The pont if this essay is to give them a reason to say yes to YOUR application. I wouldn’t spend this opportunity talking about a creative idea my parents had… It tells the reader nothing about you.