Does my friend have a shot of making a fraternity?

<p>This is not me, but a close friend of mine. He goes to UConn as well, and he asked if I could post his question here to get a feel of things...</p>

<h2>So here goes.</h2>

<p>I am a freshman in college up in Conn. I am thinking of rushing for a fraternity and am planning on attending the campus-wide IFC info session in a couple weeks. However, I am not sure if I have any chance of getting a bid at all.</p>

<p>I am Chinese and part English, even though I have brown eyes and dark hairs. I really cannot quite say I fit into the "ideal fraternity look" that typically say that you need to be very cute/handsome and 6ft or taller. I don't know any upperclassmen, as I live in a freshman dorm and is taking all intro classes. I pretty much haven't played sports (or exercise my butt off) since 7th grade, after spending a year in varsity baseball. Lastly, I don't really think I have any connections inside the Greek system or out in the real world...even though my cousin is in a fraternity that is not at my college.</p>

<h2>So yeah...not real sure if I have a good chance of getting a bid or something. My family is financially stable, being upper-middle or lower-upper in term of finances. I know frats cannot judge you by looks or connections...but this is always a factor in their decision I've heard.</h2>

<p>I'm also rushing, so am interested in his question...mainly cuz I sometimes wonder about this, even though I technically do not have any roadblocks in rushing...</p>

<p>Go to You'll get far better advice than you will here</p>

<p>There's definitely a chance. It's not really about the looks / types. Instead, it's more about being a certain cultural fit, which is closely tied to personality types and race.</p>

<p>Main piece of advice: if you're interested in a fraternity, definitely do rush. You'll definitely meet some people and probably make a few friends. If things work out, you might get a bid.</p>

<p>do the rush, check them out and not only see if any of them are interested in you but if you are interested in any of them</p>

<p>Second for information.</p>