Does my parent being an alumnus contribute to admission chances at UCSF?

I was just wondering if it plays any type of role, even if it was a different school (I want to apply to pharmacy school, but my parent graduated from UCSF medical school).

Probably not much if even at all. Legacy status doesn’t really matter as much for graduate school.

I’ve never heard of legacy being considered for admission at UCSF since

(1) It is #1 and probably the most competitive pharmacy school for admissions
(2) It is part of the California state university system (publicly funded school, whereas legacy seems to be more important in private school admissions)
(3) Not sure if this is applicable to graduate programs, but for the UC/CSU undergraduate admissions process, being the 1st in your family to go to college is considered seriously rather than legacy.

My guess is that you’ll probably need to stand on your own merit to gain admission to UCSF in its highly competitive admissions environment.

Best of luck!

Not unless your family has donated a wing to the university will that legacy even be considered.