Does my schedule for next semester look okay?

<p>I recently met up with my advisor and here's my potential schedule for the spring:</p>

<p>ACCT 210 --->3 cr.
SPCM 101 (Speech)---> 3 cr.
French 102--->4 cr.
Pre-Calc--->5 cr.</p>

<p>Total: 15 credits</p>

<p>Btw, I'm an economics major, slightly leaning towards accounting. I'm taking ACCT just to try it out. Or should I forget about taking ACCT and take Principles of Macroeconomics instead (or should i take it next yr fall semester? I also wanted to take Bio 101 w/ a lab. I plan on transferring, so I want my schedule to look somewhat rigorous and have most of the classes transferrable. </p>

<p>This semester I'm taking:</p>

<p>Anth 220 - Physical Anthropology
College Algebra
Principles of Microecon.
Eng 101 - Comp I
POLS 100- Am. gov't</p>

<p>I would highly appreciate some input. Thanks</p>

<p>bumpppp! :)</p>

<p>Looking at your schedule strictly with transferring in mind, I think Macro is more rigorous than Acct. That is my prejudice, I consider classes like Acct. as technical, compared to Econ, which is more academic. All of your other courses, including Bio, all look fine.</p>

<p>@entomom: That's exactly what I thinking as well. I don't have room to take Biology next semester :/ So I will definitely take it in the fall. </p>

<p>I wanted to take ACCT to get a feel for it, even though if I transferred I would be applying to the college of arts & sciences (CAS) and not the biz school. I suppose I'll take macro instead?</p>