does my transcript screw me over?

<p>I know that top schools stress the transcript as being the most important part of the application process. So my family and I are worrying a lot because my transcript looks rather unimpressive and I'm aiming for a lot of top schools. I've gotten 6 Bs so far...and one C+..spread out through soph/jr math & science and there is a downward trend in my grades.</p>

<p>Buut the reason there is a downward trend is because more difficult courses at my school are not offered until you reach jr/sr year. Even the guy who is currently ranked number 1 in my grade has his share of Bs. And at the risk of sounding like a whiner, I did get stuck with teachers who dished out few (if any) As. For example, in one honors science class, we had a 200-point test in which the average grade was below a 50%. I scored well above the average, but that brought my grade down to a C+. </p>

<p>Also, my class rank is pretty high (top 2ish % at a pretty good [but not top] public high school), my scores put me in the 98th-99th percentile, and I'm feeling pretty good about the rest of my application.</p>

<p>So, do you think that my transcript will be the death of me? Also, would it help if my counselor addressed the severe grade deflation of certain classes or would it only draw attention to it?</p>

<p>It would be good if your counselor addressed it. Rank and school reputation combined is more important than GPA.</p>

<p>If your SAT scores, essays, ECAs and recommendations are all top notch, then your transcript might not affect your chances of admission.</p>

<p>But since your class rank is in top 5, it might not be that big a problem.</p>

<p>I was in a similar situation. I had an 82% and graduated second in class. I in fact, failed math my senior year.</p>

<p>I had a 32%. The average was a 17%. (it is retarded, I know)</p>

<p>Anyways, I got into a bunch of top schools. I attached a letter from my gc explaining my transcript. that helped a lot i think</p>

<p>Thank you. That comforted me a bit...still I'm feeling uneasy because it's only that one teacher in that one science class who was such a difficult grader. Other people who took another Honors science class at my school seemed to all get As...</p>

<p>Plus, although I go to a pretty good, big high school, it probably won't be recognized by top schools because a good majority of the smart, well-rounded kids WANT to go to state schools. </p>

<p>So I'm still kind of freaking out.</p>

<p>Adcoms will tell you that it is impossible for them to judge gpa without context. They get applications from hundreds of different school situations. It is up to the student to contextualize his/her grades.</p>

<p>Being top 2% won't keep you out of any college. Your school is pretty unusual if you can get 6 bs and rank that high, your school profile will provide the explanation.</p>