Does my Undergrad school matter?

I will hopefully be majoring in political science as an undergrad on my way to Law School. If I want to get into a more prestigious law school, does it matter what school I attend for my undergrad?
(assume I graduate from any school with a 4.0 gpa, regardless of rigor)

No. It will be more of a function of your LSAT score and your GPA. You might also consider not going directly to law school, and working for a year or two or three before going to law school.

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This was posted on a Reddit sub recently:

A. T14 Law School undergraduate representation, July 2021:

  1. Yale
  2. Princeton
  3. Amherst
  4. Harvard
  5. UChicago
  6. Duke
  7. Columbia
  8. Georgetown
  9. Pomona
  10. Yeshiva
  11. Stanford
  12. Claremont McKenna
  13. Swarthmore
  14. Barnard
  15. Dartmouth
  16. Penn
  17. Cornell
  18. Northwestern
  19. Williams
  20. Wesleyan
  21. Rice
  22. WashU
  23. Brown
  24. Vanderbilt
  25. Bowdoin
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So, what you learn from that College Transitions piece is that a little more than half of the people who got into the top tier of Law schools came from colleges categorized as “Most Selective” or “Extremely Selective.”. This should hardly be a surprise: it takes top grades and top test scores to get into those schools. More interesting is that a quarter of the people who got into those top Law schools came from schools that are “minimally selective or non-selective”.

IOW, no.

Save your money for law school.

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Object to the use of “feeder” as misleading.

@hyprstorm , basically the answer is no. College GPA and LSAT are what matter.

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I am good friends with a guy who is the VP over the legal search group at a prominent Executive Search firm. He is a Duke Law grad and former attorney. I asked him this exact question and he said your undergrad school does not matter. Just make excellent grades, and do well on the LSAT.

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I think the top feeder schools make sense because you needed a top SAT to get into them…so it’s similar.

But when you go to Harvard or Yale you do see kids from South Dakota State or Boise State, etc. so your LSAT is key. The other thing you’ll notice - work experience. The top schools are becoming like business schools…not totally yet but on their way.

Work experience greatly adds to an application.

If poli sci is your thing, then no issue - most law school majors are. But your major isn’t relevant and you bring some educational diversity to the application of you major in something different.

Good luck

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