Does Northeastern look at transcript or GPA?

When admitting do they take your full transcript into account or just look at the recalculated GPA and see if that fits into their average?

Because I have a 4.1W but four C’s on my transcript. The C’s would probably leave me with little to no chance while a 4.1 GPA is decently within range.


Northeastern (and most every other school) will look at your transcript and calculate your GPA based on their own rules. Northeastern does 4.0 + 0.5 for Honors and 1.0 for AP/IB. They will also factor your high school into it as well, and will generally see the full transcript. If your GPA is good by those recalculation rules the C’s shouldn’t sink your chances. It will also depend on what subjects they are in compared to the major you apply to likely.

@PengsPhils ok so if I have four C’s in Maths and Sciences but I’m applying for a Politics, Philosophy, and Economics major then would I have a chance? Should I still even apply?

Thank you by the way you’re really helpful around the forum lol

Absolutely depending on other factors. Though standards are always going up, I had two C’s in Spanish when I applied for CS and ended up getting a merit scholarship. Obviously, C’s don’t help but they won’t sink an application. That will really only be true at Ivy’s and similar.

Glad to help :slight_smile:

Every school I know of looks at the transcript. They want to see the grades by class, the level of courses taken in different subjects etc.

In addition, many colleges recalculate GPA based on their own parameters (ex. unweighted, academic courses only etc.) as different high schools calculate GPA differently (ex. some high schools don’t weight at all, there are different grading scales etc.).