does northwestern have a 'purple book' or a class of 2014 handbook?

<p>so this question might seem a little immature to most. but im going to be a part of the class of 2014 at northwestern.</p>

<p>2 of my closest friends are going to yale and duke.
my friend from yale got a flag and poster in his admission packet and is going to get a 'Class of 2014 Handbook' which is designed along lines of a yearbook with the entire freshman class' pictures and info etc. (My sister had got that a few weeks after she enrolled at yale '09 ) :)</p>

<p>my friend from duke recently got a duke blue book and a pretty neat admissions packet. which is also pretty awesome.</p>

<p>and apparently uchicago sends a 'uchicago' scarf to their admitted kids.</p>

<p>I absolutely love Northwestern but I wish they did a few more things to really make me feel a little more spirited and excited like the schools above. </p>

<p>So does anyone know if Northwestern has something like its own 'Purple Book' (haha) or sends its incoming freshmen some cool Northwestern merchandise or something? Perhaps a 'Wildcats Pennant or Flag??' Id really look forward to receiving anything at all.</p>

<p>and on a more general level, perhaps Northwestern could make a more 'spirited' effort to lure its admitted students?</p>

<p>Id love to have alumni, current students' and the general opinion.

<p>I agree -- I wish NU would send out cool things like that to their admitted students. I don't think we have a "purple book" or anything like that. We did get lots of goodies once we actually came to campus, though. For example, everyone got a free NU T-shirt with our year on it, and then some (if not all) dorms give out stuff to their freshman, like T-shirts, mugs with the dorm's name, scarves, doorstops, etc.</p>

<p>If you want, you can tell the administration what you think about this. They're always sending out surveys and asking students' opinions on how they should budget their money. And they'll probably send you the survey that all admitted students get asking where else you were accepted, why you chose the school you did, etc. That might be a good place to mention some of the things other schools are doing and that you wish NU would do, too.</p>

<p>Congrats on getting into NU! Good luck and see you in the fall! :)</p>

<p>Funny that you should mention a 'Purple' book, because one actually exists, it's just not officially endorsed by the school or sent to admitted students. Still, it's worth checking out:</p>

<p></a> Purple: The Unofficial Student Guide to Happy, Healthy Living at Northwestern (Volume 1) (9781448691173): Cody Kittle, Sean Soderstrom: Books</p>

<p>And if you went to Wildcat Days, you got a free T-shirt, a pen, and 20% off (or something like that) one item in the bookstore.</p>

<p>generally not worth checking out. the purple book listed above is garbage. how would you really expect an unbiased perspective from the greek system written by the then president of northwestern's most image-conscious fraternity? there is a reason it was a financial failure for him.</p>

<p>He also basically blackmailed every house to cooperate and write their own page (or else he'd have to write it for them).</p>

<p>A "Fun Fact to Know and Tell" :-) for all you young 'uns---</p>

<p>A little book "which is designed along lines of a yearbook with the entire freshman class' pictures and info etc." was called a Freshman FACEBOOK back in the days of the dinosaurs. Lots of colleges had them. A primitive "social networking tool", as it were.</p>

<p>See 2nd definition: facebook</a> - Wiktionary</p>