Does NYU accept deferred kids? barely or still lots of chance?


My best friend got deferred from NYU ED1 and we were wondering if there’s any hope. (I’m applying RD)
Does NYU usually accept a lot of deferred kids or barely any? (We know that they deferred about 400 kids this year which was stated from the reply from her question on deferral.)

Thank you!

where did you find out how many kids they deferred?

There was a blog post by the dean of admissions January 2 that said they deferred an unusually large number of students (about 400) ED1–>RD because of the new SAT. That blog post was taken down at some point between Mid January and now. Someone one CC has the text of it in a posting. Judging from the number of people that just said they were deferred ED2–>RD, I’d say a lot of people were deferred. I have no idea what it means for chances at eventual acceptance. In January, I had emailed admissions and asked and they couldn’t give me an answer.

It probably means lower odds of a decent financial aid package.