Does NYU notify online or by email?

<p>Or do I have to wait for snail mail?</p>


<p>You'll have to wait for snail mail, unless you're an international applicant, in which case you would receive an email.</p>

<p>thx NYUjosh, but do u know WHEN the internation applicants will get the email? like at what time ? (or day if its different than the 31st or 1st ?)</p>

<p>i'm an international applicant from canada and i didn't get an email but a ups express giving me the entire admission package. got it today but it was dated march 13.</p>

<p>hdwang, me too!</p>

<p>i read ur post before i got the package (im from canada as well) and thought i must be rejected, but UPS came to my door 2 hours later! </p>