Does one D look bad when transferring to Hunter College's BSW program?

I currently have a 3.97 GPA at my community college, but I’m struggling with my developmental psych class. I expect to earn a C- or D at best. Originally, I was planning to withdraw and take a different class to fulfill my requirements for graduation. But I imagine one D won’t look too bad in a string of A’s and one A-, especially if I were to earn A’s for the rest of my classes. In that case, I’d have a 3.86 GPA. Hunter’s BSW program has a minimum GPA of 2.75, but I want to know if it’s in my best interest to take the D or withdraw.

CUNY is not SAT/ACT scores of any kind. Your NYS regents scores will still be used to determine college readiness as you will have to demonstrate college readiness.

They will look at and calculate your overall GPA in english and social studies.

If you have taken any college now courses, or other college courses, you must submit transcripts,

If you are getting a D in developmental psychology, course gaining admissions will be the least of your worries. If you can’t do well in psychology, which are required courses, you will not be admitted into the social work program.

It is not a direct admission program, you will program, you will have to obtain a 2.75 at Hunter to be admitted to the program.

What are your long term goals. To obtain licensure, you will have to have to go to grad school and work an additional 3000 hours.