Does one-year gap matter?

<p>Will one-year gap after highschool affect my chances?</p>

<p>Gap in what? Chances for what?</p>

<p>I was gonna do it. Most schools will want an essay on why you took the gap year.</p>

<p>Can I concisely explain that at additional information of common app?</p>

<p>You probably don't need to touch the issue in the Common App. My daughter is on a gap year now. Here's how she handled it.</p>

<p>At every college she was considering, she asked whether they would allow admitted students to defer enrollment for a year, and if so, whether deferment would affect merit aid, invitations to honors programs, etc. The answer was USUALLY BUT NOT ALWAYS that a year's deferment was fine, and wouldn't affect scholarships, honors, etc. But you gotta ask!</p>

<p>She applied to colleges during her senior year and selected and applied to a gap-year program at the same time. After she decided where to go to college, she contacted the university to defer her enrollment. There was a deadline for this (June 15, maybe?) and a limit to the number of freshmen who could defer, so you shouldn't wait until the very last minute to tell them. Most colleges do want to know what you plan to do with your year, but they're not really judging your plan, as far as I know. You don't have to convince them the way you have to convince your parents!</p>

<p>But the main points are:</p>

<li><p>Find out each college or university's policies.</p></li>
<li><p>You don't have to address this on the Common App. If they allow deferments, you can usually apply as if you intend to enroll the following fall, and notify them later.</p></li>

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<p>thanks for your encouragement. It really helps!</p>