Does online school hurt or help?

Hello, i am about to be a junior in high school, i am 16 and considering taking FLVS to add an extra AP class into my schedule where i already am taking 2. I am also wondering if I can use it to make up a class credit that i had failed in freshman year and fix my gpa. By doing this, will it help or hurt my chances when going into college?

when applying to college, the extra APs and classes i have taken will be on my transcript right?
i have so far taken 4 AP classes, and with junior year it will be 6.

This may be a silly question, im just wondering if it comes off as if i am doing summer school because my own grades were not good enough, or if it will come off as me doing extra classes and determined. I tend to be an overthinker, but please if anyone knows anything about online school/college, let me know, thank you so much.

( ps- FLVS is florida virtual school it is accredited, legit and suggested by many high schools)

First things first: what are your college ambitions? That is an important part of the puzzle.

Follow up question: IF selective colleges feature in your college ambitions, 1) do you live in CA and 2) what was at the root of your failing a class in Grade 9?

i would like to consider dentistry and am open to in state or out of state colleges, i live in florida which is why i mentioned FLVS (florida virtual school), and it was covid and we were online and that subject i struggled with learning online, the one i failed was pre-ap bio in 9th grade, i passed bio in 10th.

Unless your family can (& will!) pay for all of UG & Dental school, your best biggest college goal will be affordability- so that you have little to no debt from UG. IF you can get your GPA up to 3.5 that should give you FAS level in Bright Futures, which is hard to beat.

IF your school allows you to replace that F with your grade from the online course for GPA purposes, and the FL system recognizes that replacement (not all college systems do), that would be worth it.