Does OU admit students they waitlist?

I’m a high school senior class of 2021, and I recently received an application update from the University of Oklahoma. I have been waitlisted. I’m just wondering if anyone has been offered admission after being waitlisted. Or does OU normally have no spots left to admit the waitlisted?

It’s just OU is my 1st choice, I’m fine with OSU I just want to know what are the chances?

Of course they will use their wait-list. My daughter applied and got accepted. However, she will be going somewhere else for college. That should open a spot for you.

when did you guys get your decisions? I applied EA in early october and still havent heard anything…

I got my response yesterday, a couple my friends also got their responses earlier this week

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thank youuu i hope mine comes soon :woozy_face:

My daughter applied Oct. 30. She got her response like 3 weeks later.

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