Does Penn considers SAT Writing score

<p>Cornell says that it doesn't consider SAT writing score in their selection. Does anyone knows what is the case with U Penn? Do they give equal weight to SAT writing compared to Math & Reading Comprehension? Are there any other Ivies that ignore SAT Writing? Its important for me because my Math & Reading scores are good (800 & 780) but my writing is not so good only 680. I think even Georgetown doesn't consider Writing. Any help is appreciated.
Are there other Ivies and other select colleges (Duke, Stanford etc) that ignore SAT writing? </p>


<p>All the ivies except cornell consider writing.</p>

<p>@OP: I agree with shaheirunderdog. I believe that all 3 scores are considered equally. You may want to retake the SAT..remember, Penn requires ALL SAT/SAT-II scores, but they superscore for you.</p>

<p>It's not an ivy, but the University of Chicago is a selective school that doesn't look at your writing score.</p>

<p>Yes, Penn certainly does. From what I know, Cal Tech and Northwestern don't either. And I always feel that Writing is the least important score among all three, so colleges give it a less weight; it might just be me, or it might not.</p>