Does Pratt/Parsons offer Web Design focus? Or City Tech?

Next year in the fall I’ll be finishing community college majoring in Web Design. I’ve been looking up schools to transfer too
and I’ve been researching Parsons and Pratt. Both of which offer the Communication Design Program though Parsons website offers lack of information whether or not you can specialize in one area of the ComD major such as graphic/web design, but I assume they do.

Interestingly enough, CUNY schools are going to be free tuition meaning City College of Technology will cost me $0. With that being said, city tech offers a Web Design major specifically in addition to graphic design, and looking at there curriculum they also teach you how to code. However I am not sure if it holds the same quality of education compared to more prestige schools like Pratt or Parsons. I have a 3.8 GPA and will be looking to see if these schools offer me a heck enough scholarship that can possibly pay the rest 2 years.

Although City Tech will be free, I have not heard very good reviews about this place, the way I hear it sounds like a DMV.

That brings me to my original question, Pratt which offers Graphic Design but also offers Web Design UI/UX certificates. though I am not sure if they are cross friendly with a ComD BFA. I took a look at Pratt’s student portfolio site and I see some Web Design focuses but I am still not sure.

And I also like Print Design and I am not sure if you can minor in that aswell.

Anyone with advice?

Pratt offers studios in web design but you don’t “focus” in it at the undergraduate level. The ComD major covers a wide range of media in the graphic design, illustration and advertising art fields. Pratt would rather graduate future visual communication professionals who can use the web and other media to solve their clients’ design issues than graduate just one more web designer.