Does Princeton count AP/IB?

<p>does anybody know whether princeton give credit for AP or IB score? if so, what is the minimum requirement score?</p>

<p>beside SAT's and school's academy, what are other IMPORTANT things the administrator is looking for when one applying for princeton?</p>

<p>They dont give you CREDIT per se, but they let you like skip an "easy" level class to get into a more challenging course</p>

<p>They definitely care when you're applying, but it's rare that you would gather enough credits to skip grades or anything. You can find most of this information at their website, like what scores you need and such.</p>

<p>if you skip and easy level to a harder level and therefore fulfill credits faster, you can take more classes that interest you (rather than graduating early) can't you?</p>

<p>yes i believe so</p>