Does Princeton look at freshman grades?

<p>So what's the final concensus? Do they or do they not look at freshman grades? I've read in a previous post that they do not, but I'd like to see a link from the Princeton website if anyone has one.</p>


<p>why did nobody answer this? I kinda want to know too. I remember once someone told me that Princeton does not consider freshman grades, but i'm not sure....</p>

<p>no, they don' least they say they don't.</p>

<p>But do you have a source on that?</p>

<p>The Princeton rep. I talked to said they don't consider them when they recalculate your GPA, but they do see them on your transcript. Thus if you have a few B's that's no problem, but a D or F would probably make them take notice in a bad way.</p>

<p>Anybody know if they calculate a GPA for intls? I'm afraid mine wouldn't come out too good, considering schools here practice what is actually grade deflation. It's meant to scare us into studying harder.</p>

<p>Yeah, i know, i hate this damn grade inflation in America. There are so many stupid people in the advanced classes that i feel stupid when they're taking the same classes as me.</p>

<p>here, here
My teachers are so annoying they dont believe in giving perfect grades since "no one is perfect except God" and so you lose at least one or two percent each time when you would do really good and then they need to move all other marks a bit down too.</p>

<p>Some departments in my school just don't give A+s...ever.</p>

<p>Its so bad here one English teacher has never given a final grade above 90%</p>

<p>That is pretty bad.
I actually think that my school is pretty grade-inflated.
There's this new teacher who's trying to do a bell-curve and people are going crazy.</p>