Does public health internships helps--Pls what do u think

<p>Hello I'm a premed student and I want to go to medical school and I just found an internship 12 weeks but its more about public health related-health related behavior to improve community health
Do you think I should do it?? I don't know if this internship applies if you want to go to med school or it doesn't even help for med school
Can someone pls let me know what do u think>and what should u do?<br>

<p>Short answer: It won't help unless you want to do it. Do you want to do it? If so, do it. </p>

<p>Long answer: Public health is an important niche of medicine and many doctors do devote their lives to it. Everyone else in medicine still will be confronted with problems relating to public health and the consequences/effects of our community's choices regarding public health. It can be very insightful to some and incredibly dry and boring to others. If public health is an interest of yours and a platform that you intend to build on as a pre-med, medical student, or doctor, then by all means go for it. If it is just a resume thing for you, then no it isn't particularly going to stand out relative to any other medical experience, volunteer spot, or internship.</p>

<p>Like the poster above me said, it will help if you truly care about public health and you build your application around it. </p>

<p>If you truly care about public health consider joining the CDC's elite EIS group. Have you seen the movie contagion? This will have to wait until after medical school of course. One of my friends decided to join this group after medical school and she said its amazing.</p>