Does Rensselaer Poytechnic Institute take Non-STEM students?

I would really like to go to RPI because I have realized I want to study math and get involved in more STEM subjects in college. The problem is my academics, recommendations, and EC’s are all liberal arts related. Other than the fact I don’t really demonstrate a large interest in math through my ECs and class choices (both because there wasn’t really a lot of encouragement for STEM related activities at my school), I am a good student with Full IB and an unweighed 4.0 as well as a lot of good ECs. Can I still apply to schools like this one? Should I explain how my interests have changed? Should I apply to a liberal arts major and hope I can transfer?

Yeah totally. I just got in Early Action, and I didn’t take any STEM heavy classes (Advanced level mathematics, Physics, Comp Sci etc). The only advanced “STEM” classes I have taken so far are Physics Honors and Statistics. I put “undecided” for my major so that might have helped.