Does retaking classes look bad?

<p>Hi, I really want to attend an ivy school but got bad grades during freshman year because i was studying abroad (3Cs). Since then i've improved my grades by getting straight As. Does retaking classes look bad on a transcript or does it show your effort to do better?</p>

<p>First of all, when asking for advice, your information must match:

Hi, I am beginning my junior year this august and I am worried about my grades. I really went to attend an ivy school but i don't think my grades are enough. I was studying abroad in Chile for a year and a half (freshmen and half of sophomore year) and since i barely knew any spanish, struggled with the material. The school I attended was very prestigious and the best of the region. I got bad grades such as:
Biology C
Tech A
English A
Spanish C
Biology C
Physics A
Math A
Chem A
but i improved my grades sophomore year where i got 3 bs and the rest As. i am wondering, do I still have a chance considering I take 10 aps classes (junior and senior) and get straight As on them? Do ivies like growth?


In once scenario, you got 3 Bs and the rest As. In the other you got straight As.</p>

<p>Yepp it looks bad</p>

<p>smoda 61, i got straight As in my second semester back from chile.</p>

<p>IC It struck me that part of your academic history had been omitted.</p>

<p>Along those lines though, without detailed information (more than you have posted) I don't see how anyone can answer your question for you.</p>