Does Rice have any a cappella groups?

<p>Just wondering...lets go owls!! woooohoooo</p>

<p>Yes, Rice has at least two a cappella groups. One is the Philharmonics (the Phils) and the other is an all female a cappella group whose name has escaped me. Both are really good. The Phils seem to have a show about every two months and there is usually a good showing at the shows.</p>

<p>The History of A Cappella at Rice University</p>

<p>In the Beginning...</p>

<p>Basically, up until 1994, there were very few a cappella groups at Rice. In the late 80s and early 90s, a group called the Night Owls performed a cappella songs, though unfortunately the group didn't last too long. After that, there was the all-undergrad, all-male Brown Quartet, and the co-ed, all-Lovett Accord. Accord only lasted a few years (mid 90s). The Brown Quartet had a similar fate, though a last-ditch effort to keep the group alive was the formation of a 'new' all-male group, the Fuzz. None of these managed to last. There was also the Lager Rhythms, founded in the spring of 1994 by Rice grad students. They are still going strong (they released their third CD in spring of 2004).</p>

<p>Introducing the Rice Philharmonics!</p>

<p>Then in the fall of 1995, the Rice Philharmonics took the campus by storm, raising a cappella into the consciousness of the Rice community. Their debut concert occured at the Cohen House in front of a large audience of prospective minority students. Since then, the Rice Philharmonics have greatly expanded their influence across campus, in the Houston Community, and throught the nation by competing in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella. The</a> Rice Philharmonics</p>

<p>RICE LOW KEYS is Rice's first and only all-girls a cappella group. ...was formed in 2003. Our repertoire includes songs ranging from Billy Joel to Alicia Keys. </p>

<p>Contact: Miriam Howland (Lovett) x-1752 / mhowland OR Deepa Panchang (Martel) x-7522 / panchang
Thursdays, 9-10:30pm, AND Sundays, 9-11pm, Brown Commons</p>

<p>Nice. Thanks for the information.</p>

<p>I'm in the Philharmonics! It's really a lot of fun. The atmosphere is laid back, but we practice about 3-4 times a week, plus recording for our CD. The vocal arrangements that we do are all student-produced, and they are usually current hits, though we have done past favorites as well. For example, we have done "Toxic" by Britney Spears and "Mrs. Robinson" by Simon & Garfunkle. If you don't end up joining the Phils or the Low Keys, you can always start one up. I'm in a start-up group also this semester and it's a lot of fun and very relaxing. If you have a more general interest in singing, you can join the Rice Chorale, which will give you the opportunity to sing with Sheperd musicians and conductors. Basically, because of the Sheperd School you can do a lot of things here with music. Hope this helps!</p>

<p>SimplyHezekiah, thanks alot. I'm in a two a cappella groups in high school. One of them is all guys and we do classic rock like Queen, and some more recent music like Bon Jovi and Billy Joel. Even though I don't plan on applying to the Sheperd School, it seems like there are alot of music opporunities for a non-music related major at Rice. That's awesome to know. Keep up the good singing!</p>

<p>There's also the Rice Light Opera group, if you want to perform in a Gilbert and Sullivan musical. It's open to all, not just music majors.</p>

<p>Oh yeah, anxiousmom, thanks for reminding me. There's also a TON of musicals, plays, one-acts, etc. from all the colleges. For example, I think there is "Batboy: The Musical" this semester in addition to all of the other singing stuff. I was very active in music in HS and I feel that there's a ton of stuff to participate in here.</p>

<p>The Phils rock! I particularly enjoyed their arrangement of Toxic. ;) They are also immensely popular. I turn up slightly late to any of their shows and I have to watch from the back wall of the Lovett undergrounds.</p>

<p>A girl also started up a more R/B/improv-soul acapella group, for which I am beatboxing....yay acapella!</p>

<p>i heard you have to audition to be in the it difficult to be selected?</p>

<p>Fairly...they limit the size of the group to about 15 or so...with that said, they don't discriminate against freshman, as diddletwiddle knows, and there is a number of different groups to get involved in.</p>

<p>the guy that gave me toor at Rice told me he took his dates to concerts....he said he was a cheap ass</p>


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