Does RIT Give Need Based Aid?

does anyone know if RIT gives decent need based aid? By decent, I mean getting close to an EFC?
Has anyone gotten a good aid package combining merit and need based?

Yes they give need based aid. However, their financial aid does not ‘stack’. IE if you get a $10,000 year award from the ZYZ program and a $15,000 a year Presidential scholarship, you only get the top one. Our student got increased aid over years. Both merit and need.’

Typically how much is the merit scholarship in year 1? And roughly by how much it may increase in later years? I know this is a very subjective question and will vary case by case. But I’m just trying to get a feel. I’m trying to figure out even if my child gets some sort of merit scholarship will the net cost be still much higher than out of state tuition of public schools (like Purdue, Rutgers etc.)?

They don’t guarantee to meet full need.

Did you run the NPC on their website to get the EFC or are you using the FAFSA EFC?

RIT, like every college, has a Net Price Calculator to provide an estimate specifically for you.