does S/U grading look bad?

<p>i'm revising my schedule for next semester, and i'm in need of opinions, please!
i'm going to take 2 electives for my major in the spring, and i'm planning to take one of them graded S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory instead of A, B, C, etc.). my reason is that in addition to this class, which is a 300-level class, i'll be taking 4 other classes, 3 of which will be challenging. the 3 classes i'm worried about are a writing intensive sociological methods class, chemistry, and calculus. (do these classes actually pose enough of a threat to take a 5th class S/U, or am i being a sissy? be honest!)</p>

<p>i'm worried that medical and dental school adcoms would look at the S/U class on my transcript unfavorably. what do you guys think? </p>

<p>thank you!</p>

<p>One class taken pass/fail shouldn't be a problem as long as it's not a pre-req for medical school.</p>