does sat score factor into the 1 - 5 scale?

<p>it know it does for duke. over 1480 = 5.
how about princeton?
i hope it doesnt.</p>

<p>yes, it does. but, each part has a 1-5 scale. so SAT score might be a 5, while extracurriculars could be a 3.</p>

<p>So there's no difference between a 1480 and a 1600?</p>

<p>the 1 - 5 scale is for all academics.. not only for sats... they dont have one for sat then one for EC. its one for all academics.</p>

<p>im taking about princeton here</p>

<p>and yes. for duke 1480 is same as 1600 on the scale.</p>

<p>do all schools use this scale? and isn't that a bit unfair? only 1 thru 5 leaves a lot of overlap</p>

<p>I think it's fair considering that a single wrong answer on the math section can drop you anywhere between 20-40 points. That's crazy.</p>

<p>so is that all admission is based on? these scales?</p>

<p>academic "1"s are not based on SAT's only. They're also based on SAT II's, APs, Courseload, Grades, Class Rank, and academic intangibles. </p>

<p>And of course no, they're not only based on this scaled. It's just a general way to rank applicants.</p>


<p>with 1450 sat 1, 800 800 780 for top 3 sat 2, 5s on 4 ap exams, 2 self studied, and 4 on one. will this likely to be a 1 or 2? if ONLY scored are to be considered?</p>

<p>i don't know, because grades+courses>scores, plus the fact that i'm not an admissions officer at Princeton University.</p>

<p>Do they rank essays too? Recs? Uh...</p>

<p>I think recommendations and essays are rated under the Personal Attributes section. Extracurriculars/Contributions have their own section, as do Academics. Those are the general categories, Pton might have its own variances though.</p>

<p>how do you all know this? speculation?</p>

<p>tiger87 - if your question is directed at me, then the answer is Yes: speculation. Hence the "I think" at the beginning of my post.</p>

<p>Also speculation:
"About the 1-5 Ranking - it was the admissions process for Princeton when Fred Haragon was still the Admissions Dean. Things may have changed since then. From what I've heard about that system, 1 is the highest rank an applicant can be awarded. For academics, a 1 is about 4/5 SAT scores above 700, more than 20 solid courses (about 23-24), good grades (generally straight A's). For the extracurricular ranking, a 1 is for outstanding achievements: winning an Olympics medal, writing a book, patenting a product, breaking a Guiness World Record, etc. "</p>

<p>If you know anything about the system, please feel free to correct me where I'm wrong.</p>

<p>I don't know that breaking a Guinness WR would be considered an "outstanding achievement". I guess it depends on which record you break. =)</p>

<p>it doesnt matter--speculation and understanding Princeton's admissions procedures will take you NOWHERE. you are either accepted, or you're not, and nothing short of lying will dramatically increase the chances of admissions you have now. so do the best you can on your application and sit back--this is pointless jibber-jabber (but, then again, is that not what CC is all aboot?)</p>

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<p>P.S. mahajan is a female</p>

<p>I like speculating because the whole thing is sort of fascinating...and aren't you the one who keeps bumping a "chances" post? That's much more "speculation" than this is...the 1-5 scale has been employed at Princeton for years. Still, talking about it probably is a waste of time. (A fun waste, though.)</p>

<p>Good times. :)</p>

<p>yess.. and there is nothing wrong with someone's couriosity on his chance of admission b/f it actually comes out. cuz after it comes out, no one will want to talk about this anymore.</p>

<p>after it comes out, no one will want to talk about this anymore.</p>

<p>Ha Princetonwannabe - that is so true! But only if the news is bad, which it won't be. :)</p>