Does SAT test unit conversions?

<p>I'm in Canada and just took the PT diagnostic test..there were a couple of questions that directly tested unit conversions ie feet in yards, ounces to lb's, etc. I didnt know that because of difference in unit systesms; will i need to learn them for the real SAT?</p>

<p>No I don't think so. I have never encountered them.</p>

<p>No they dont.</p>

<p>No, SAT doesn't directly test unit conversions. If a certain problem involves unit conversion, the conversion factor will be provided for that question.</p>

<p>If there are unit conversion questions... it doesn't test you on whether you know the formula or not... it will test you on dimensional analysis</p>

<p>No tthat I know of.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure they are not going to ask any questions that require any previous background knowledge you might have on things like that. If it were in the question, they would give you all the information you need to do it.</p>