Does Scripps offer a good financial aid package to international student body?

I am considering Scripps for ED2 but my counselor said that it’s not that reliable and you need to reconsider your choice. Additional info is that I need a good financial package and I want to pursue Psychology as my major. I got rejected by smith for ED1 but I got early acceptance from Siena (with merit-based scholarship) and URI. And I have a strong essay (my counselor said so) and my report cards have A’s and A*s written all over them and I have done a lot of volunteer work and sports etc (so the extracurricular activity section is pretty well too). PLZ HELP ME I AM SO CONFUSED…and it’s my priority to join a women’s college.


International Students

Limited financial assistance is available for international students and competition is strong. International applicants are also considered for Scripps merit scholarships. The College Board International Student Certification Finances or, if applying for need-based aid, the CSS PROFILE is required by February 1 of the year prior to enrollment. International students who are awarded need-based aid in their first year, will receive aid in subsequent years based on the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) established in the first year. Financial aid is not re-evaluated for international students. Since your EFC is fixed upon admission, your financial aid award in future years will adjust slightly with the change in cost of attendance. International students, who are not awarded need-based aid in their first year, may not apply for need-based aid in subsequent years."International Student Financial Aid

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