Does sexiling happen a lot here?

<p>Lol, sorry for disturbing question. I know sexiling happens at college, but does it happen a lot at Cal?</p>

<p>I mean, I wouldn't want to walk in on my roommate doing it or something lol, if he doesn't have the courtesy to warn me ahead of time.</p>

<p>Also, this seems kind of unhygienic....especially if they do it on your bed and leave fluids all over the place....a great way to catch STDs lol.</p>


<p>i believe the sock/tie/scrunchie on the doorknob convention is still quite prevalent</p>

<p>First of all, you have a roommate contract that you make with your roommate. It is within your rights to say no sex and especially no sex on your bed.</p>

<p>Yes. Weirdly, it DOES happen. I guess I'm to naive to believe it but people told me it happened with their roommates so it seems more common than you would think. Just hope u don't have a wild roommate! Or you can change maybe.</p>

<p>I think we've had one sexiling on our floor. And once, we crashed in on a couple in our lounge trying to get it on. Not that often though. And I was in Unit 1.</p>

<p>Yes, sexiling happens. The frequency depends on what kind of roommate you have. Getting sexiled is kinda a big hassle. Eventually, my roommate started having sex while I was in the room.</p>

<p>Not having sex in someone else's bed is just common courtesy. I don't think there is any change that you'll have to explain to your roommate that you don't want to sleep in his revolting spunk.</p>

<p>cavalier, LOL i'm sorry</p>

<p>anyway, to comment, having sex on MY own bed, that'd be a bit gross</p>

<p>just go study or play ping pong while your roommate has minutes of fun</p>

<p>What's sexiling. prounounced "sexy-ling?"</p>

<p>OHHHHH, like exiling, except with a s so it's sexiling, AHAHAHAHHAHAHA, that's awesome, but I hope it doesn't happen (hopes for a reasonable hormonally stable teenage roommate (not gonna happen I know...))</p>

<p>Combination of sex and exiling</p>

<p>Lol I'm going to be in foothillls this fall, and from what i heard about foothills, it's like the nerd anti-social dorm so does that mean I won't have to worry about this happening or is the probability of it happening at foothills extremely low?</p>

<p>yeah, sounds like it would happen in the units much more often than in foothill or stern (since all womens) or bowles (since all mens)...while most of the freshman live in the units, some feel a sense of freedom since they are away from home...but yeah, just keep certain places (ie your bed, your desk) out of bounds</p>

<p>@insertname, i really don't think you can catch most stds like that...</p>

Lol I'm going to be in foothillls this fall, and from what i heard about foothills, it's like the nerd anti-social dorm so does that mean I won't have to worry about this happening or is the probability of it happening at foothills extremely low?


<p>FYI it is Foothill not foothill*s*</p>

<p>Anyways, I will reiterate, at the beginning of the year, you need to fill a roommate contract with your roommate and it is within your right to say no sex allowed when you are in the dorm and you can't be kicked out when they want to do it (i.e. they can't kick you out if your in there, and they can't do it if you are there, thus the only time it can be done is if you happen to be out)</p>

<p>Honestly, it's up to you whether you want to allow sex in your dorm, which is why the roommate contract is so important (don't overlook it).</p>

<p>Personally, I wouldn't tolerate it. Not because I don't believe in having safe fun, but really, you're paying to go to school, and if you need your dorm room to do stuff (i.e. study and get work done), you should be allowed to have your space. Of course, partying and having fun should be enjoyed once in awhile; it's just that when sexiling occurs during hectic work sessions (midterms, etc.) then it gets to be a problem. But then again, this IS college. People are only human. And we all have needs. Or something like that :P</p>


<p>It's possible, but I spent a very considerable amount of time in my girlfriend's room in FH last semester, and while her suite was fairly nerdy, they were all "normies" by any standard. The possibility always exists, and I honestly would not be surprised if the frequency was the same in FH as in the Units. Clark Kerr I might expect to be a little higher, but that might just be me judging based on an unfair stereotype.</p>

<p>That said, we're still talking all of 1-2 possible rooms per floor/suite. Usually when it happened on my floor, it happened unofficially during times when people KNEW that their roommates weren't coming back for a while.</p>

<p>thanks you guys, yeah that roommate contract thing is a great idea, that makes me feel better. Night!</p>

<p>Bahahaha. Yeah, that's something I would not be able to stand, so I was proactive in the no sex policy in my room. Roommates were a bit miffed, but if it's something you're just uncomfortable with then go ahead and be the party pooper.</p>

<p>Couple people on my floor (Unit 1 ftw) were sexiled and needed to sleep in other people's rooms for the night on more than one occasion. That's just the sorta crap you have to deal with if you don't talk with your roommate(s) first. Also, if it were to happen, I highly doubt they'd be so inconsiderate as to use your bed. I mean what the eff - that's just plain nasty...</p>

<p>Request someone with a name like Xauai Chaio, Rajindra Vanapurimata, or Christian Gale-Wilson to be your roommate and you will not have this problem.</p>

<p>^lol that's effed up 123456789bc</p>

<p>wait, so this roommate contract... is it a formal contract or is it something where you just talk it out with your roommate?</p>

<p>^ Formal contract. Your RA hands it out to every room on the floor in the first couple weeks and you decide with your roommate(s) on the protocol for certain situations (you have to turn the lights off when someone's gone to sleep, you're able to have overnight guests, etc.) Then you guys sign it and give it back to your RA. If a certain problem arises between roommates and they bring it to the RA, they look back to the contract to see if the answer was stated and decide what to do from there. :)</p>