Does SFSU have a good fashion program??

<p>I'm planning to apply to SFSU as a transfer student after another year at CSUN. I'm an apparel design/merchandising/production major and I want to know if they have a good fashion program? Better than CSULB? My gpa is way too low to get in CSULB, which was my first choice...but I will just apply and see what happens. If I get rejected, I will attend SFSU, which is much easier to get accepted.</p>

<p>I'm sure you know that the CSUs are having many budget cuts and a lot of funding problems. That has lead to furloughs, staff reductions, and fewer courses offered. As a result, it's hard to say that any program at a CSU is a good program, or is going to be a good program. Both SFSU and SJSU (and other CSU schools in the bay area) have felt a lot of these reductions. </p>

<p>You might consider writing the coordinator for the program and asking how budget cuts have affected the program. Hopefully, they'd be honest with you about it. I know that in departments at SJSU, professors and administrators have been pretty good about being upfront about the changes for programs due to the economic crisis.</p>