does stanford hate us as much as we hate them?



<p>Inferiority complex and generalization much?</p>

<p>spirited rivalry…aka a euphemism for the hate Cal lays upon Stanford and Stanford’s lack of response.</p>

<p>You must be illiterate.</p>



<p>Best post of the thread.</p>

<p>Prince, you’re the insecure idiot on another schools forum which happens to be full of people who don’t care about you or whatever school you go to. You’re Adler’s poster boy, killer.</p>

<p>That may have been a little too harsh. I mean, no one can really dispute that the average Stanford undergrad is probably smarter than the average Berkeley undergrad, but that isn’t to say that either school has a monopoly on the biggest brains. During high school competitions I met some amazing prodigies who wound up Stanford. I also know some mediocre people who are at Stanford. The same is true for Berkeley, but here the latter probably occur in greater proportion.</p>

<p>When you accept only around 1500-2000 elite graduates each year to attend your school, you’ll generally choose the best so the average student there will be pretty smart. But when you’re a public school with an obligation to give every human child a chance and have the funds to give acceptance letters to about 10,000 kids out of 50,000, chances are the bigger population will have a bigger range of intellectual levels, skills, and ability.</p>

<p>PS: Also smartness is relative term. Hilary or Bill Clinton once said they disliked calculus but I bet they would better lawyers than me if I tried.</p>

<p>And personally students at elite universities probably just have rivalries for the fun of it. I doubt many take it seriously.</p>


<p>You are wayyyyyyyyyyyy too nice to these ■■■■■■. :)</p>

<p>While I agree with what you said, that point is should be pretty obvious and it’s getting a little tiring having to explain the same ideas over and over again to a bunch of little elitist wannabes lol…</p>

<p>Cal’s rivalry with Stanford is just that, a friendly rivalry with a peer institution. Just like UNC-Duke, just like tOSU-Michigan, just like Notre Dame-USC. Stanford is a smaller school and isn’t the fan favorite in the immediate bay area (Cal has done a marvelous job in becoming the home town team). Believe me, they want that Axe just as bad as we do. Not really sure why the kids on this site have to try to start incredibly mind-numbing flame-wars over who’s smarter.</p>

<p>Actions speak louder than words, actually DO something in life before you puff out that chest, circle jerks over SAT scores don’t mean anything.</p>



<p>this could be the smartest thing I’ve ever read on college confidential.</p>

<p>(not including my own posts :D)</p>

<p>^that is a smart thing to say, but it does kinda go without saying. I mean don’t we all implicitly know that perfect SAT scores and going to elite colleges doesn’t guarantee you anything if you aren’t hardworking and/or motivated?</p>

<p>ITT: Elitists calling each other out. </p>

<p>Oh and if reading an obvious statement is the smartest thing you’ve ever read on here, then you haven’t been here long enough. ;)</p>

<p>lol i guess not</p>