Does SUU have a good musical theatre BFA program?

Hi all! Southern Utah University is one of the top college choices on my list right now being that it has BFA Musical theatre program. It’s also pretty close to home for me being less than two hours away but I’m not sure if I should look into better programs that might be a little bit further away. I can’t seem to find any reviews online of SUU’s musical theatre program so I was hoping I could get some insider knowledge about the program on here. Also, does anybody know the intensity level of the program and how competitive it is to get in?

Thank you!

I can’t answer you. Here’s one rating on theatre and some on the school. And overall scores. But take them with a grain of salt. What’s best for you, not the best rated school, is what matters.

In general I would say find the right school for you. If you are in Utah close to Cedar City would
The U of U or UNLV work ?

Rankings are just that…an opinion. Theatre will be tough no matter where you attend. Sometimes you get more opportunity at lesser known schools because they are smaller programs. Other times the more well known schools like NYU and SMU are the ones you mainly hear about. I think In this field, as most others, luck, opportunity and connections likely matter most.

I would visit the school, talk to professors and students, and make an informed decision that way. Ask about student outcomes. Location and cost are definitely important factors as well.

Hope to see you on the stage soon.

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Thank you for the response and the links! This is some really great advice. I’m very new to all of this, and this was exactly what I was needing to hear right now. I live near Las Vegas and U of U and UNLV are definitely on my list too. When looking for good theatre schools, the same few schools get recommended like NYU or U of Michigan just as you were saying, so it’s harder to find knowledge on smaller programs like SUU’s. I was worried before about attending a smaller theatre program, but this might have convinced me otherwise and to look into it more for myself. Thanks again for your insight!

My two cents: when you make your list, it’s great to have some of the big programs (NYU, Michigan), but there are a ton of excellent smaller programs that might be better suited for what you need/want. It’s good to figure out what you’re looking for (conservatory vs liberal arts, size of school, more typical college experience vs art school, location) and then start doing some research. There are lots and lots of program if you’re willing to do some digging!

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