Does Taft Allow Printers?

I am going to be a new student, and I was just wondering if having a personal printer is necessary/ needed.

My daughter had one last year but was unable to connect it to the schools wifi to get it to work. She found it just as easy to use the school printers. So yes you can have one but may not work with the schools internet.

You can always USB connect to one (if wifi doesn’t work). In my experience as a BS (and now college) parent, neither child wanted a printer in their room initially and neither child ever found it to be a problem. TBH, I was sort of pushing it on them the beginning as I had a printer as a college student (got to love that Okidata dot matrix!) and found it helpful…but I think times have really changed on this topic.

In keeping with my “less is more” philosophy when it comes to move-in for both BS and college, I say leave the printer at home/don’t worry about buying one.