Does taking Calc BC and Physics B at the same time help?

<p>I'm taking both next year and I'm wondering if learning one will make learning the other any easier.</p>

<p>Probably not. There is no calculus in Physics B.</p>

<p>Physics C and Calc BC complemented each other nicely for me, though I had to stay about a month ahead of my calc class. But, like silverturtle said, I've heard that Physics B is not calc-intensive.</p>

<p>I actually found Calculus BC topics/concepts to be very helpful in Physics B. Calculus probably helped me the most in analyzing distance, velocity, and acceleration graphs (because of the calculus-based relationships between the three). Doing calculus at the same time helped me gain a better understanding of mechanics in general (and distance/velocity/acceleration especially), and I even used Calculus (I forget which concept) on a MC question during the AP exam (don't ask how I remember).</p>

<p>Yes, it'll help for kinematics and vector analysis. Beyond that, it won't really help that much, though it may be nice to understand the derivations of the physics B equations (many of which are calculus based). </p>

<p>Really, the math in Physics B/Physics C isn't very difficult</p>