Does TCNJ BS/MD need SAT score even if you want to submit only ACT score?

My D has good ACT but not so great SAT. When she applies to BS/MD via TCNJ, she wants to submit ACT only. But, I believe she has to submit SAT score as well just because she took it. Is that true? If so, are they looking for someone to do great in both to accept?

Their website only lists SAT bit most schools take either or. Easy to solve. Call them Monday morning and ask. Then you’ll know for sure.

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Did your D score 35/36 in ACT (SAT equivalent >= 1550) ? What is her UW GPA ? Is it close to 4.0 ? It is very competitive for ORMs(Indian and other Asians). Call them to confirm if ACT alone will suffice. Good stats may not be enough for BSMD programs.