does the 2003 shootings at Case give it a bad name?

<p>the recent crap happening at VAtech got me thinking about case's shooting as well. for those who do not know, a graduate student at the school of business, weatherhead, was killed while a professor and another student were wounded during 2003. i may end up going to weatherhead depending on my other choices, so i'm just wondering how this whole infamous situation fits into the school's reputation.</p>

<p>Almost every building at Case (other than the union and library) requires a card swipe to open the door. A student ID does not open every building either. If you have no classes or reason to be in a given building, your card will not be programmed to open the door there. I'm not sure, but this system may be the result of the incident at PB Lewis. Case is pretty far ahead of most other campuses in this regard.</p>

<p>HS's put in place many changes as the result of Columbine, and no doubt now all colleges will also be changing their policies.</p>

<p>I am currently a freshman. I HEARD of the shooting after I got here, but no one made a huge deal about it (I hadn't even heard about it before I came). Local news did come in this week (I think to see the campus' reaction to the VTech shooting, since we had a shooting), but that was the most fuss i ever heard of that.</p>

<p>AS far as card access my experience, most academic buildings require a card after about 6 PM, but are open before then. The library requires a card access after hours as well and a security guard patrols the building after closing to make sure only people w Case (or affiliated institutions CIA and CIM) IDs are in the building.
The freshman dorms ALWAYS require card access (I only have access to my dorm and the other dorm(s) in my residential college and after a certain hour I don't even have access to the other dorms in my residential college )</p>

<p>That being said, Case is in an urban area, so you can't be dumb, it's not unusual for us to receive security alerts about robberies that have been committed.</p>