Does the "Additional Information" section actually get read?

<p>I have extremely important information attached in my additional information section, such as an explanation of the special education program I've been a part of since grade 6 and a college course transcript, and I'm wondering if the Additional Info section actually gets read by colleges? I''m sorry, this is a pretty dumb question, but I'm feeling really paranoid. Thank you for your input!</p>

<p>Step back. Take a breath. Put on your common sense thinking cap. Read your post. And answer it yourself. You already know the answer.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>Yes. Otherwise there is no need of that section. If it's important info, I would suggest to put it first in that section, Adcom might get tired when reading through a very long "additional info" list.</p>

<p>Even if they're not going to read a page, they're going to get it and they're going to see it. If it's important, they'll read it. If there's stuff they're going to decide not to read (or at least not to read in detail), it's going to be because it's not important at a glance, not because of the section it was placed in.</p>

<p>As surprising as it is, admissions officers do read everything.
Good luck! Don't stress.</p>

As surprising as it is, admissions officers do read everything.


<p>Because you said it, it must be true!</p>

<p>...No. You lack evidence. I would argue that they skim or skip a lot of the supplemental garbage that people send (like 19481734019287304918 useless recommendations from random people). They have a lot of applications to read.</p>

<p>Also, just because they say they read everything still doesn't make it true.</p>


<p>I can't stop laughing because it's so true</p>

<p>A boss answer by T26E4</p>

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