Does the AMC 12 show one's intelligence, or mathematical ability?

<p>I did very poorly on the AMC 12. Does this mean I am dumb, or that I am bad at math?</p>

<p>It's your ability to solve problems in a very short amount of time.</p>

<p>There are plenty of people who know calculus and beyond, and may not perform well on the AMC12. </p>

<p>There are also plenty of people who know just simple tricks, and thus perform very well. Not doing well does not equate to you being dumb or incapable of math.</p>

<p>No it doesn't. But if you do extremely well then it means you are most likely talented at math.</p>

<p>Ok cool because I'm decent at math (780 SAT 1, 790 Math level 2, straight A's in AP Calc, etc) but this test blew me away. Maybe because I wasn't exposed to these type of problems?</p>

<p>It more or less demonstrates problem solving ability, which is essential for pretty much any technical degree. If you give this test to anyone with a science/math PhD or engineering degree, he would be able to do reasonably well on this test, assuming he did well in his major. When I was in high school, I gave the AMC 12A to my dad, who has a PhD in physics, and he was able to do 23/25 problems, although not quickly, with relative ease. For the last two, he forgot some vital definitions. So, come back after 4 years of undergraduate education and you should be able to do reasonably well (if you remove the time limit).</p>

<p>All the "tricks" can be derived on the spot if enough time is given.</p>

<p>Nice response, foraminifera!</p>

<p>That, and, if you are in a similar school like me, you aren't exposed to math and problem solving principles and obscure math topics daily or weekly in clubs like Mu Alpha Theta or math electives, all of which my school lack.</p>

<p>No my school does not have ANYTHING that is even remotely close to weekly math/problem solving sessions etc. In fact it is rare for students to even score above a 700 on the SAT math, so that just screams low standards...</p>