Does the Big 4 still hire IT graduates?

<p>I know this isn't a specific business question but was wondering if the Big 4 still hires IT graduates? Back when I was graduating in the mid 90's all of the big 6 firms had a huge IT Consulting business. I know KPMG and Price Waterhouse hired IT and engineering graduates for their IT practices at my university. </p>

<p>Fast forward 15 years or so, through a recesion, it seems that the IT business for these firms isn't like it was pre-2000. The only one that I see that is heavy into IT consulting is Accenture, which isn't Big 4 anyway. </p>

<p>Has the Big 4 gone back to accounting/finance only? Anyone with any insight?

<p>I guess you missed a decade of changes!</p>

<p>PWC spun off their IT business and sold it to IBM. KPMG created BearingPoint and they merged with some company because they were broke a couple of years ago. PWC had a non-compete with IBM that expired an year or two ago and they are trying come back into IT services. KPMG has audit services using the SOX requirements which seems to be their main IT business at this point. Deloitte has a separate group called Deloitte consulting that does a lot of IT work.</p>

<p>Yeah i knew about the changes in names and all. I just didn't realize that some were still in the business of IT Consulting. Thanks.</p>

<p>Accenture and Deloitte Consulting are the only two entities still standing that came out of big 4. PWC is trying to start from scratch, KPMG does mainly SOX IT work, and I am not sure if Deloitte competes with the consulting group.</p>

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<p>Here in the DC area, Deloitte Federal Practice farms out I.T. services to the Feds and INTEL (read: NSA, FBI & CIA).</p>

wow these are a lot of changes in the industry. I guess I haven't kept up with everything...Thanks for the info.</p>