Does the James E. Scripps Scholarship still exist?

I’ve seen people reference it but don’t see anything on the Scripps website about it. Do they still fly in students for it? Is there certain criteria that has to be met for this, and does it require a separate application? Also, some people in older threads are referencing the need to apply by Nov. 1, but others seem to say that isn’t the case anymore. Does anyone know if there is a deadline you need to apply by?


I found this information:

So, yes, it appears to still exist, though since there aren’t any mentions of an early deadline on the merit scholarship page, I assume that isn’t the case anymore. It used to be the early deadline probably because they had the JES day earlier (Feb, I believe), but since it is now part of Admitted Students Day in April, I assume they don’t need the extra time.

There is no certain criteria—at least not any published criteria and does not require a separate application (the merit scholarship page states :

Thanks so much, @ClaremontMom! I did see the part about the $10,000 to $22,000 but didn’t see the link to the JESS page, so that was a big help. I think that scholarship is a bit more (half tuition, if past posts are correct), right? I appreciate your help!

I sent you a PM.

My daughter received her acceptance letter with the JESS award! It does exist!

Congrats to her!