does the name of the company matter for admission chances?

<p>does it make any difference or help if your work experience is at a well known brand name company? </p>

<p>For consulting, if you come from a global brand company compared to a boutique unknown one.
would I have a harder time making a case and gaining admission if my firm is barely known?</p>

<p>A big name won't hurt, but if you work for a credible boutique and can quantify your accomplishments there (client size, client billings, revenue growth, etc.), no worries.</p>

<p>the boutique that I work at is not really known much. Not even by people in the consulting industry. I have to explain what the firm does but it is credible. </p>

<p>would working at a boutique firm help differentiate my profile from others?
I mean, there are so many applicants from Big 4 consulting names for example</p>

<p>M/B/B will help you get into a good school, since it'll make you more employable after b-school, thus help b-school rankings. Small boutiques aren't going to get you any boost.</p>

<p>how about Big 4 level consulting vs an unknown boutique?</p>

<p>^^What an idiotic question !! What do you think is better ?Big 4 or unknown ?</p>

<p>Big Four will probably not help that much because there's plenty of people from there anyway, and few top MBA grads will want to go back there. The reason an MBB is good is because if you come from there you are one more person they don't have to worry about placing into a top job(for ranking purposes). You'll just go back there, presumably. Nobody is going to HBS(to use a pie in the sky example) to go to work for Deloitte Consulting...</p>

<p>^ I agree. If you are talking about Big 4 accounting, it's not going to help you. It's not a target industry for most top MBA grads.</p>

<p>what does mbb stand for?</p>

<p>mckinsey/bain/boston consulting group</p>